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We are now officially out there in the stores!!
It's a big day for the W.A.N.T.E.D. family today November 5th ,2013 when after a period of tons of creativity, strong effort, hard work and anxiety, our 'baby' is finally available for everybody to listen! This is our second album release and we are proud to present you this new piece of work that we loved so much through the process of making it happen...
Like it or not , "Meat 'N Greed" comes straight from our soul and it tells an honest story about living through hard times but always coming out stronger and with a bigger smile.
The band itself is ticking like a time bomb and can't wait any longer to get out there on stage for the most real thing, so follow us on this tour, coming up, and you'll have the chance to witness the 'magic' bottled and shared like beer!

As we're more than happy today, we celebrate this new release by presenting you the 1st official lyric video clip of the "Meat 'n Greed" album. The song is called "Your Life Your Game".